Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beauty all around!

As you can see, I love flowers!  I have spent the summer taking photos of some gorgeous flowers, both in my yard and at Wichita Botanical Gardens.  The photos turned out far better than I ever would have expected.  I started another project after developing the pics--I made greeting cards out of them.  They too turned out much better than I could have anticipated.  The first 50 cards were made by gluing (good old Elmer's) the picture to the front of the card.  They looked good, but after several days the front cover with the picture on it started to curve out.  Needless to say, they did not look like "professional" work.  I was enlightened by a friend and switched to spray adhesive.  It worked wonders and the cards stayed "flat" and looked great. I have yet to find a "market" for the cards, but I continually am looking.  If you are looking for perfection,  just take another look at those perfect flowers and you can say you have found it.

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