Saturday, January 22, 2011


     Slender blue

     Softly painted on
          fresh  snow

     God's unique


Margaret Bednar said...

Lovely. I need to start focusing on shadows. There is a challenge I would love to participate in, but I need to find an intriguing shadow first.

You might want to consider it...

<a href="></a>

Margaret Bednar said...

hmm - I tried to direct link it... not sure what happened. Just type in:

ELK said...

a wonder filled contrast on snow and sun!

Carletta said...

These are wonderful! I especially like the composition of the first one.
I have a big old oak outside my sunroom window and I love seeing it's shadow on top of the snow. Even better is under a full moon and a blanket of snow - the night shadow is awesome.

Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday is a great meme. :)

George said...

These are beautiful pictures of the shadows and, in the first picture, of the tree. I like your comment as well.
Thanks for visiting my site.

Anonymous said...

I like your shadow shots, it's beautiful!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Micki,

Oh, my, these are beautiful! Welcome to Blogland!

Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello. I see that you live in Kansas. We were in McPherson, KS in Sepetmber to watch our grandson play football and to visit with the rest of their family. I took lots of pictures of that pretty little town; if you are interested I send you some links.

I am your newest follower. Take care and God bless!