Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You for the Awards

A huge "thank you" to beccagivens  from "On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea" blog  for the Versatile Blogger Award--I appreciate it VERY much.  And, to Judy Sheldon-Walker from "HardworkinJudy" blog for the "Stylish Blogger Award--thank you SO much.  Blogging  is just "fun" in and of itself, even if no one ever viewed the photos or left comments, it would still be an enjoyable way to be creative.  But, it makes it so much more fun to have people "visit" and say something nice about what you do--so, Thank You All!!
Seven  Random Facts About Me
1. My "real" name is Vendla  (my Mother had a Swedish friend when I was born, so I was named after her).

2. Blogging has been instrumental in my becoming much more aware of the world around me--when I am actively searching for good photo shots, I pay much more attention to the surroundings and their beauty.

3. I an addicted to Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper--I drink "way" too many.

4. My "best buddy" right now is my 2 year old Grandson--he is too cute.  His favorite thing to say  is,
       "I ike hot mollies" (translated  - I like Hot Tamales (the candy).

5. I enjoy my own company and love to spend a quiet day by myself now and then.

6. Jeans and a sweater are my favorite way to dress when I'm listening to my favorite musician--John Denver

7. I love scrolling through everyone's blog and seeing the amazing talent and creativity out there.  Thank you.
 Thanks for the Awards, ladies.  Mickie


Jidhu Jose said...


Inger-M said...

Congratulations! Your blog is beautiful and interesting, and you deserve the awards so much.
I enjoyed learning more about you, and guess what: I love diet Cherry Dr. Pepper too! Unfortunately we don't get them over here, so I haven't had any since the last time I was in the USA, in 2005 :-(
And I also enjoy listening to John Denver :-)

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

The amount of followers that you have picked up recently speaks for itself on why you have received these awards. Well done.