Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Crafty" Santa

I love to do Arts and Crafts (heavy emphasis on the Crafts side--my "talent" seems to fit in that category a little more than working on great Art pieces, unfortunately). Here is my "Brick Santa"--yes, he's made from a real brick. Paint a cute face on him, add a beard (all kinds of fun materials can be used), add a bag of toys and a cute hat and "there he is". I have probably made 40+ to give to (lucky???) friends and family, and actually sold a few too. Seems like if I make one of something I end up "mass producing" them to give away.
"Crafty" but cute Santas
He's one of the "favorite" things I've made. It is such fun getting out all of the Christmas decorations-many of which you forget about from year to year. More favorite crafts and Christmas decorations coming up in the next few blogs. Happy decorating!

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Kerri said...

Oh I think he's super!!! And very ARTSY!