Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snowmen,Snowmen, Snowmen

Bell Snowman Ornament    I dropped the first one I bought so went rushing back to the store to get another.  I got "smart" the second time and bought 2 of them--just in case!


           Snowman painted on a wooden spoon
                                                   Another creative idea "someone" thought of.

I have a  3 foot Snowman tree covered with nothing but cute snowman ornaments.  I also decorate an angel tree, a Santa tree, a gingerbread -- reindeer tree, a miscellaneous tree, a Kansas University tree, and, of course, a big Christmas tree   ( usually 12 to 14 feet tall-  the older I get the smaller I want the tree to be) with snowflakes, bunches of mini poinsettias, gold netting, and red balls.  A major task is finding a "place" for all the displayed "stuff" that has to be moved to make room for the Christmas "stuff".    Ah, Christmas--ya gotta love it though!

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